Róisin Marie – Better Days

There’s some magical about Róisin Marie’s music with this ethereal quality she brings to her tracks making you feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world with the laidback R&B production as your soundtrack and her mystical vocal as your humble narrator. Her music is best experienced with no distractions, just close your eyes and let the melodies take over your body, mind and soul to fully understand the captivating nature of her sound as show in her latest single Better Days.

“Better Days was born in the early months of quarantine,” Róisin Marie begins to explain. “It was honestly hard to write during this time with the world literally falling apart, but that’s really what inspired the song.”

Her enchanting vocals are in the spotlight throughout the track as they gently float through the spaced out R&B production as her poetically poised lyrics take paint a picture in your mind of the story unfolding. The beats intertwine with one another as the calming melodies gently send you into a blissful entrancement until the very end where you’re left wondering what beauty you’ve just witnessed.

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