Falcon – The Good Stuff


Falcon, the namesake of Amanda Lindsey Cook, is currently one of the hottest properties in the pop world right now with her candid lyricisms and buoyant production creating this joyful sadness to them. I’ve always defined this type of pop music as the best out there with some of the best tracks within the genre focusing on that philosophy, whether it be Robyn’s Dancing On My Own or Lorde’s Green Light that ideology is at the heart of it. This jubilant sorrow channels itself through Falcon’s music to create some utterly outstanding pieces of music with her most recent track being another example of this.

In The Good Stuff she turns to the ashes of an old relationship with a peaceful appreciation for everything she’s learnt from it. The buoyant production comprised of bubbly beats, a subtle drum loop and a cosmic wash of synthesiser textures creating this bittersweet atmosphere that allows the carthatic lyrics to take effect on you as they’re sung from her candid vocal. This is comforting pop music at its finest mixed with a poetic sensibility that I’m falling hard for, it’s easy to see why Falcon is so highly loved by her fans and music lovers alike.

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