Roman Rouge – Blood On The Scene

Sunday, December 3, 2023

This isn’t the first time that the Texas native Roman Rouge has graced our page, with the sultry tones of his evocative vocal melting into his brooding lovelorn production to create a lusciously atmospheric sonic experience. With the likes of Majid Jordan and The Weeknd being main sources of inspiration it’s no real surprise that his sensual soundscape is filled to the brim with character and a sense of authenticity that allows his lyrical narrative he crafts to be all the more enticing to anybody who listens. He channels all of this and more within his latest EP titled Blood On The Scene.

Rogue’s vocal remains the focal point of his sound throughout the EP with the sultry timbre of his voice bring new life to his poetic lyricisms whilst reaching new heights in tracks like Run It Back and I Cry, but the strongest tracks for me are when the production injects a bit of energy to his sound. Dance Like This is the finale of the project and the infectious melodies that still carries the Edgar Allen Poe like darkness his soundscape offers but fuses it with that of a downtown L.A nightclub to add a fresh layer to his multifaceted sound. We saw something like this previously in his single The Other Me but he’s refined it to a fine art within this new track.

Overall this is another stellar project that tackles issues such as fighting one’s own personal demons, surviving toxic relationships and guilt of mistakes in the past with poise and grace. Speaking about the EP as a whole Roman reveals, “The main theme of my music is to be aware of why you are who you are, and how you can let your past experiences define you, learn from your mistakes, move on and be better.”

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