little image – LUNGS BURN

Frustrated at the current state of the technological world we now reside in, where countless people will consistently view the world through their phone screen the Dallas band little image decided it was time for them to write their views down. All who’ve been to a fireworks display will understand the annoyance of people recording it without every viewing them again, so be prepared for the words in LUNGS BURN to speak for you.

Through a glitch-fuelled soundscape of warped electronics representing the current state of the world, little image’s voice pierces through it without any altercation, being the authentic world they want other to find themselves in. He slowly encourages you to come together, experience the world through new eyes and feel like you’re apart of something bigger than yourselves. His silky vocal sends goosebumps across your body and the synth rock production makes you want to dance like nobody in the world is watching. Time to do as the band says everyone, go outside, touch some grass and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Taking a broad scope view of current culture and how damaging the idea of technology and the obsession with our self-image can be, it’s an invitation to let go, be yourself, and be present instead of drowning yourself in your phone and the toxicities that exist there. The song is a cry for people to come together and experience something without those things in play, and truly feel something bigger than themselves.”

Must Read