Mike Sabath – Good Energy

You might not of heard the name Mike Sabath before but you’ve certainly heard his music before with the young artist collaborating with an array of artists like Lizzo, Usher, Wale, Jonas Brothers, J Balvin, Liam Payne and Meghan Trainor, whom he would eventually go on to featuring on a single with back in 2019. It’s safe to say that he’s had his musical fingerprints on tons of artists work but today he’s stepping out into the spotlight with the release of his first solo track that’ll soon be featured in the new FIFA 21 game titled Good Energy.

The title of the track says it all, it’s filled with nothing but good vibes with these intoxicatingly jubilant melodies making me smile from ear to ear before the brass sections comes into play adding this wonderful funk element to the piece that just makes you want to dance. Combine all of that with Sabath’s addictive pop vocal that has an air of Michael Jackson about it and you’ve got something that could be played at any dead party and the room would become a vibrant explosion of life. Utterly charming and utterly jubilant in every way sense and form.

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