La Poré – Blame

La Poré is the artistic moniker of Los Angeles based musician and actor Nick Samson and within a short space of time he has already made an everlasting impact on fans across the globe with his unique vocal that pierces through the mundane voices in the pop world in utterly glorious fashion. His music is best described as something you would hear in an a modern day 80’s coming of age movie directed by John Hughes, and with his lyrics detailing mental health issues, love and his own personal growth it would make sense too.

Whilst his previous releases have been strong pop offerings Blame takes it to the next level by allowing his high pitched vocal to truly shine as the emotion behind the lyrics begins to take flight. There’s a high level of energy to the production with a warm tinge to the synths that makes this perfect for long drives in the sun but when you juxtapose it with the lyrics about the fear of resentment in a relationship you’ve got a glorious piece of pop music that stands out from the crowd brilliantly.

Speaking about the track Nick Samson said, “‘Blame’ was written several months before my wife and I got married and set out on our permanent move across the country from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, California. I knew that this would be a huge change in our lives. All we had ever known was Ohio. I was going to chase my dreams, but I was also faced with the fact that I was not only responsible for myself, but also the well being of my wife. Thus, the song is about fear of resentment in a relationship. If things go wrong, ‘You can blame it on me.'”

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