The Ensemble #15

KENZI – Hanging Limb

Sometimes the simplest of production styles can leave the biggest impact and that is certainly the case with KENZI and his single Hanging Limb. The piece remains largely acapella based with lush rustic harmonies backing the authentic tone of KENZI’s vocal before we get more tribal beats coming into the piece as we build to this grand climatic conclusion. It’s a short but sweet track with a minimalistic production that conveys heaps of emotion and lyrical poignancy that is rather addictive.

Matt Ryder – Soundless Motion

This is a cascading downpour of emotion from Matt Ryder with Soundless Motion having delicate melodies combined with his evocative vocal making the poignant lyrics documenting where he and his friends began to lose themselves to a myriad of mental health struggles. It doesn’t have any grand moments, big vocal riffs or in your face moments, it remains small and intimate making the lyrics come to life and hit you like the final blow in a prize winning fight.

PHOEBE ΔXΔ – Wisdom Teeth (Pressure)

19 year old Greek-Cypriot, Irish, Welsh Londoner PHOEBE ΔXΔ certainly knows how to make a first impression with her debut single being a wonderfully charming affair about the love hate (more hate) relationship with growing up. It’s something we all tragically experience as the pressures of the world begin to take over us as we transition to adulthood and the track manages to demonstrate this perfectly. With a production going from a bubbly sweet pop track before slowly becoming a swirling cacophony of madness that represents that pressure building perfectly. A strong debut with some great things to come.

Matt.Koy – WHO ARE YOU

2019 was when Matt.Koy originally began to release music but his single Who Are You which he release a few weeks ago is what made me sit up and take notice of him. His smooth vocal tone mixed with his whisper quiet vocal styling in this track sending chills down my spine and the insightful lyricisms create a swirling storm of emotion that is rather beautiful. Combine all that with the hazy melodies and the candid nature of his songwriting and you’ve got an artist with the potential to go far in this industry.

Dancer – Dreamer

The Australia indie pop quartet Dancer have this undeniable sense of jubilance in their music which makes their music just an all around feel good experience. Dreamer is a contagious affair with high flying melodies, addictive lyrics that you’ll get stuck in your head and a wonderful reckless abandonment that is hard not to love. I’d best describe their music as the final song in any modern day coming of age movie where all the characters go off into the sunset because it just holds that level of anthemic beauty.

FPA – Blumenau

This is one of those tracks that just makes you feel like you’re floating through the air and into a new world. FPA has written a truly mesmerising number with an ethereal production of calming guitar plucking patterns and melodic synth melodies that come together to create a harmonious balance that sends you into a state of pure bliss almost instantaneously. It’s an elegant affair that I have fallen completely head over heels in love with and I genuinely think this will be on repeat for weeks to come for me.

Halo Kitsch – f l a w l e s s

If the vocal of this track alone doesn’t get you utterly enthralled by Halo Kitsch music then I don’t know what else will because she has one of the best vocals around right now. She has this elegance to her sound that is just undeniable, I can just envision her recording a bond track years from now with the high class nature of her sound and the commanding nature she has with her hypnotic vocal prowess. Genuinely just a stunning affair all around.

Bela Pierce – New Ground

This is just a damn good pop track in every way shape and form with lusciously tone melodies creating a perfectly soundscape for Bela Pierce’s airy vocal to float effortlessly across it all in a gorgeous fashion. Combine that with the lyrical emotion that’s on display and a general vibe that is reminiscent of Ariana Grande in many ways and you’ve got an artist here who’s got the pop potential to craft some absolute belters in the future.

HYRA – Where We Can’t See

HYRA is one of those musicians who can effortlessly take musical influences from the early 2000’s era of R&B and bring it into the modern era through her eclectic use of compelling synth melodies and spaced out rhythmic beats that are kind of reminiscent of Flume. Her latest single Where We Can’t See is a prime example of all of this with her extraordinary vocal being the cherry on top of the whole track, definitely worth diving into her whole discography if this is something you’re into.

Betty Michaels – Trustworthy

If you’re a fan of the new wave of chilled out soul music that has a Motown feel to it mixed with a lusciously toned vocal then it’s time to dive into the world of Betty Michaels. Having just recently stumbled across his music he has instantly become a personal favourite of mine with the nostalgic sensibilities of his music mixed with his slick vocals sending me into a state of pure bliss almost instantly every time I listen to this track.

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