HANZ – Run It Down

Haitian American rapper HANZ has been on quite a stellar run of form as of late with his previous release Process being a fantastic hip hop track filled with fiery passion and an explosive production that had me reeling as a result of it. His previous track Back On did very much the same and today he’s come out with another track that can only be described as pure fire as he comes out all guns a blazing with Run It Down.

The track opens with a somber and somewhat haunting build up before the impassioned flow of HANZ appears and allows the track to effortlessly take flight into his sharp lyrical world and brooding soundscape. He never misses a beat and each word he delivers adds a bit more flavour to this emphatic track that I know I’ll be blasting on repeat for the next few weeks. If you love this, dive into his discography and get the full HANZ experience.

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