tiger lili – lightning


You might not of heard of the name Lili Trifilio before but you have certainly heard her voice with her being the front person and creative force behind the 2020 breakout sensation Beach Bunny. Well today this mesmerisingly talented artist has just announced a new solo project under the name tiger lili. This new venture is meant to see Trifilio explore new genres, break down barriers within new soundscapes and further place her as one of the voices of this new generation.

Speaking about the project she had this to say, “As a fan of many genres, I want to have the freedom to explore songwriting in all forms. I cannot predict what stylistic choices I will make in the future, but I am certain that whatever I release, that I will only put my best work forward. Art is limitless and I choose to write without limitations.

Her debut single lightning is combination of classic Americana principles with a more of an indie rock edge to it which was written in during a week of thunderstorms at 4am in late April. The whole piece is rather hypnotising with her stellar vocals being put on full display with her poetic lyricisms being second to none and the whole track feeling like it belongs in a modern day coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig. Combine all that with a gorgeous music video and you’ve got the start of something great here, spellbinding stuff.

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