Tessalonia – Hellp

We’ve all hit low points within our life where the darkness can begin to take over our mind and soul with the depressing emotions begin to consume us. It’s something I don’t think we’d wish to happen to anyone, neither friend nor foe should go through low points like that. However it’s the thoughts that manifest during this time that has inspired Tessalonia in her latest somber single titled Hellp.

The whole piece is oozing emotion with the poetically somber lyrics cascading emotion down upon you as her evocative vocals makes them come to life. The production remains intimate throughout with only an earnest guitar riff and spaced out synth melodies leading the piece, making it feel like Tessalonia is sitting in your home just pouring her heart out to you about the struggles she is facing. It’s a beautiful affair that will have you reaching for the tissues and falling for her sound, dive into it all below.

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