ONR – Kill TV


It’s not often as a new artist you get the chance to collaborate legends early in your careers a musician but ONR has taken that chance and ran with it after making an instant connection with the icon Nile Rodgers at a songwriting camp at Abbey Road Studios just before lockdown. With tours cancelled ONR began to write more music in Scotland before sending the anarchic, incredibly aggressive track Kill TV over to Rodgers who loved it and laid down the guitar for the track. Sounds like a dream come true!

Rodgers went as far as to praise ONR saying, “There’s so many things I could say about Robert, but this is what just popped into my head: his sense of composition is wonderfully chaotic, but also really musical. When we first started working together I was drowning in so many ideas, it was almost as if it was a challenge. SO you know what I did? I just picked up my axe and said yo, let’s get it on brother. Let’s do this.”

The track itself is a bombastic explosion of pure cacophonic brilliance that was inspired by the media during the fever pitch state of COVID in the UK. You’re hit immediately with these fierce melodies and turbulent beats a few seconds into the track that grabs you by the hand before the vocals pull you in and make you never want to let go. You play this at any party and the room would go crazy with the vehement on display and pure euphoria the whole track offers anyone who sings along to it.

A collaboration we never would’ve expected but one we’re fully here for and utterly adore. Stellar stuff from this rising artist that you should all definitely keep a close eye on.

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