BAYEM – Pressure


21 year old German-American song pop musician BAYEM is someone who’s had a fascination with music with him being introduced to the mainstream music of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as neo soul and acid house, at an early age. You can see the influence it’s had on his sound as well with his previous two mixtapes having this nostalgic feel to it mixed with some melodic beats that are hard not to lose yourself in, seriously check out his Wasteland mixtape when you get the chance to.

Today however he’s brought that retro pop sound into the modern era through his track about how people change when faced with expectations that people have placed upon them title Pressure. Vocally BAYEM has a tone that is lush with it’s smooth melodic styling that is complimented further by the nostalgia ladened production of tender 80’s synth melodies and rhythmic beats to match.

This is only a glimpse of the potential that BAYEM has to offer and with him planning on releasing more tracks this year and an EP in 2021 I have no doubt we’ll see him fulfil his potential in the new future.

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