David Hugo – 9teen ft. Slush Puppy

As of late I’ve been discovering many new pop musicians, hundreds upon thousands have been releasing new tracks into the world over the past few weeks but one which stood out to me both because of his sound and the story behind his latest track is David Hugo. He has a pop sound that you would expect to hear in the charts but he adds his own bit of personal flair to the soundscape that just makes it pop out and take a hold of you, you’ve just got to listen to his latest collaboratory track 9teen, featuring Slush Puppy, is further proof of this.

Speaking about this single and his journey so far the young musician said, “I’m David Hugo, youngest of 7 kids who was super into sports/academics throughout school until going into senior year. I always planned on going pre-med but I got burnt out and thought ‘I wanna try music’ – I was introduced to Dani Russin (of Full Stop MGMT) and fell in love with the energy she brought to the table. Going onto the second of many releases with her, I’m more excited than ever for the next steps. I wrote this song with my friend Sam (who is featured) on the first day we met, shortly after dropping out of college. It’s about feeling the pressure of growing older and wanting to accomplish big things as young as possible bc that’s more impressive. I want to get a billboard hit before im 20, so ‘now I’m in a rush cuz I’m 19’.”

That feeling of rushing to achieve your goals and dreams is something many people can relate to, you want to rush and get to the good part but the best part of getting your dream is the journey you take along the way, cheesy I know but it is the truth. This track is a ready made Billboard his with some brilliant classic pop hooks, a pulsating rhythm that drives the piece forward and a slick vocal to top it all off. His back catalogue is filled with some killer pop tunes so we highly recommend diving into it and getting the full David Hugo experience for yourself.

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