Brijs – River Swimming

Ever since the release of his debut single Glitra, the multi-talented British musician Brijs has not let up, he’s been slowly releasing explosive pieces of psych-pop from his upcoming debut album that are best described as stadium anthems in the making. His last release Stay Up, Stephanie was a prime example of all of this and he only builds on it further today with River Swimming, a song that was conceived on a trip to a small village on the Charente River in France as he explains below:

“That first trip to France was like jumping into a cool river on a summer’s day after a long journey and washing off five years of stress, sweat and grime. Half swimming, half floating, I headed downstream away from the greyness and noise towards a sun-drenched peace somewhere in the distance. Those two years living at Cecil Court felt similar in a way.”

This is a scintillating affair with honey drizzled vocal harmonies propelling the track forward to new territory as the bombastic synths back them up in a grand fashion. There’s even a wonderful latin flavour to the piece through the hypnotic guitar riff featured towards the end of the track, but what makes Brijs music so enthralling is the atmosphere surrounding the music, it just gets you hyped for everything that is to come. Dive into the track below and experience it for yourself.

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