Matt Corby – If I Never Say a Word

Matt Corby has always been an artist who can make the simplest of melodies or subtlest of vocals riffs contain waves of emotion that comes cascading down upon you in an instant. He’s done this throughout his entire musical career, he did it in Brother, he did it in Knife Edge and he’s done it again today with the release of his latest emotionally enthralling track If I Never Say A Word which he talks about below:

“Understanding where people are at around you, sometimes the best thing to do is not say anything and not have an opinion – especially in a time like this. There are people who deserve a voice and deserve to be heard, and there is a whole bunch of noise around them from people who are better off just listening.”

The song builds from its paired back intro to a big chorus, representing a moment of realisation where you see the good traits in someone and you aspire to have that quality in yourself, being a better version of yourself in essence. The way the production builds throughout to a climatic end represents this growth we want to experience effortlessly as Corby’s vocals convey the emotion perfectly. Matt Corby never disappoints and he continues to thrive today with this release!

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