Sølv – Colour / Somehow

Despite her name being Danish for silver London-based singer, songwriter, producer and director Sølv has produced nothing but gold during this lockdown period. Her experimental sound takes influence from bands like Massive Attack who paved the way for this genre whilst taking on some more contemporary influences like the iconic Billie Eilish within her latest electronic R&B-infused dark pop track Colour / Somehow.

Focusing on living in the present the track details how we are in a constant state of wanting more to the point where even when we’re trying to live our best life we’re always wanting more. It’s a primal instinct we all have that often takes over our whole being and Sølv tackles this through her thought provoking lyricisms about whether or not having these feelings can actually make us happier. Her celestial vocals pierce through the brooding synths and heavy-bass beats drawing on the parallels that exist within dark and light that send shivers down my spine.

Speaking about the track Sølv had this to say, “Colour / Somehow delves into the tangibility of living in the present when you constantly crave more. Never satisfied and not feeling quite good enough – a true product of the Gen-Z mentality and the consumption of all we are conditioned to desire. It explores the ability to question the outcome of such feelings but does this make living easier or harder?” 

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