House of Pharaohs – Degrees

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the UK’s rap scene then chances are you’ve heard the London collective House of Pharaohs before. They’re known for collectively ignoring the usual genre conventions that people would attempt to label them as. They’re not Drill. They’re not Grime. They’re not anything but a collective of young and talented creatives who’s individual ideas and beliefs all accumulate in a cauldron filled with a concoction that’s unlike anything the UK scene has seen before. I’d akin their creative process to cooking, taking different foods, spices, sauces, flavours and everything they love individually and see what works when they throw it together, creating delectable pieces of Michelin star worthy meals in the process. They’re truly one of a kind in London, want proof of this? Then it’s time to dive into their new track Degrees.

Instantly they raise the temperature to scorching hot climates, fiery traps beats pumping across the heavy production before little psychedelia flourishes arrive to spice up this already red-hot soundscape, complimenting their dynamic flow in the process. With every track they elevate their sound, never being happy with what they have and consistently pushing themselves to do something completely unexpected and thrilling with their next release. They’re forward thinkers and, like the Pharaohs of Egypt, this 10 person collective will leave legacy that they may never see, but the impact will be seen through generations of talent.

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