Ladysse – Dopamine

The feeling of being truly happy is one of the natural highs that we often spend our entire lives chasing, during our down periods it’s the thing that keeps us all going, knowing that in the future there will be that rush of euphoria coursing through our veins where all those bad times are just a distant memory. This is exact feeling is what has inspired Detroit based musician Ladysse to write her latest single Dopamine as the talent songwriter explains further below:

“I’ve had a lot of people in my life turn to drugs or substances of some kind to deal with depression and mental health. It’s so hard to watch the ones you care about go down this road. I’ve definitely had my battles with depression and mental health, honestly who hasn’t? I think the message I want this song to bring is that it’s ok to reach out when you need help. It’s ok to be alone and try to deal with your thoughts if that’s what you need. What’s not ok is to turn to things that will ultimately cause more harm than good.”

The track is reminiscent of the sad dance bops that Robyn has often gifted us over the years, heck during the Dancing On My Own era I’m fairly certain she would’ve released this track if she had it. Buoyantly stomping beats are the main component of the production with her airy pop vocal providing a lush contrast before the electric guitar comes exploding onto the scene at the end to give this piece a vibrant finale that it so rightfully deserves.

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