K_anti – I Adore You

I love those moments where you just stumble across on artist by pure chance and soon find yourself diving into their discography and love every single moment of it, it’s like Christmas morning but with music discovery instead! K_anti is one of those artists for me, special shoutout to Your Girl Spider for introducing us to her, with her swirling production style, compelling lyrical waxing’s and lush vocal all creating a mesmerising sonic universe for us all to lose ourself in.

I Adore You is her latest track comprised of deep bassy beats that vibrate through your chest as her celestial vocal juxtapose them effortlessly to give off a unique dynamic that makes this sound so damn irresistible. This is a unique sonic landscape that’s she’s crafted that you’ll find yourself consistently revisiting, more than worth looking at her whole discography as her previous EP Go Outside and Meet Your Love is divine.

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