Sola – Mami Wata

Sola has one of the best vocals out there right now, her tone is simply out of this world and is the definition of euphony, it’s like Sade and Nina Simone being brought into the modern era in the best way possible. She just injects so much passion into her music that it’s hard not to stop whatever you’re doing and be completely mesmerising by her sound and she’s done that again today with the release of Mami Wata, which is lyrically about the divine power of a woman’s sensuality as she explains below:

“There is a strength within feminine sexuality that women are often forced to downplay because it has been seen as a threat to men throughout history. I wanted to explore this through channelling the spirit of ‘Mami Wata’. ‘Mami Wata’ is an enchanting water spirit celebrated in the African diaspora and is similar to the western idea of a mermaid. She brings good fortune and wealth, but is often seen as deadly and dangerous to men because of her seductive prowess.”

The production has more of a Timbaland mixed with Pharrell mixed with sultry tones of her vocal to create a sensual yet empowering atmosphere that draws you in slowly before the evocative lyricisms take a hold of you and refuse to let go. It’s a perfect mix of brooding synths contrasting her celestial vocals to give us a dynamic that is undeniably addictive. The more I hear from Sola the more I realise just how talented and special she is as a musician, dive in and discover that for yourself.

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