I often say that the debut single is the toughest song an artist will ever release because it’s what introduces your sound to the world for the first time, it’s all about making a statement and letting everyone know who you are and what you’re here to do and KIDSNOT$AINTS have absolutely smashed it with their debut. The New Jersey based collective are comprised of four members (Josh, Raphael, Alan and Brandon) who each take on different roles to help the project come to life as they demonstrate in their unforgettable debut track Daydream.

“The song largely has to do with chasing love in your head. We’ve all had those moments when we were young where your crush wouldn’t leave your mind. After, watching the movie ‘The Sandlot’ I put myself into the kids perspective and started writing,” Raphael explains before Josh continues below.

“‘Daydreamer’ is a hazy, summer-infused pop song about romance becoming
more distant as time goes on. Warm synths accompany a coastal, upbeat drum track to provide the background for airy vocals. The minimalism of the instrumentation was inspired by Majid Jordan and the vocals took both an upfront while detached approach throughout the track. The role of the vocals was meant to symbolise the passion of a romance but the withdrawal of a lover slowly fading away.”

The whole track screams summer with scintillating synth melodies that invite you into their warm nostalgic soundscape as the luscious laidback tones of their vocal croon lyrics about a relationship running through the course of time and the questions that come along with it. The poetic lyricisms are a highlight of the track for me with the laidback hazy soundscape of spaced our melodies providing the perfect backing for the emotion of the piece to come fully to life and leave you with questions about what love can be.

There’s a timeless quality to this collective’s sound and if this is just their first track and a taste of what they’re capable of then we’re extremely excited to see what is to come.


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