GRIFF – Say It Again

In terms of British pop music there is no one quite as promising as GRIFF who after dropping her debut single Eternal Flame began her meteoric rise to pop glory, releasing countless pop anthems like Forgive Myself and Didn’t Break It Enough, both of which could be future number 1’s in our eyes. She crafts effortless pop tunes with lyricisms about the modern teenage experience, from love and heartbreak to self forgiveness, she’s covered it all and today in Say It Again she’s focusing on mental health.

“When I wrote ‘Say It Again,’ a lot of my girlfriends were going through mental health issues, and I felt so helpless,” GRIFF begins explain. “So this song is basically my helpless self trying to reassure a friend who’s going through a really difficult time.

The intimate production has a subtle buoyancy to it that allows the candid lyrics make an instant connection, showing both the helpless feeling we may feel when people are suffering from mental health issues whilst also showing that there’s a light of hope that things will get better and the difficult times will begin to fade into a distant memory. This is a prime example of why GRIFF is one of the best pop musicians coming out of the UK right now, she makes difficult subjects seems so easy to talk about as a result of listening to her music and that alone is a sign of the great things she is capable of doing.

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