Paris Michael – 1017ALYX9SM

Can we talk about the explosive sound that Paris Michael has? Genuinely this guy is managing to fuse that rebellious and rule breaking spirit that comes from punk rock and blending them into his own hip hop sound, creating what he deems as, “a new classical.” He has a bombastic sound with a hard-hitting production quality that is present in all of his music, his previous tracks Pretty Pretty and So Perfect are prime examples of this and his latest release 1017ALYX9SM only builds on all of this further.

The animosity of his rapping mixed with his slick flow allows the lyrics so come at you with such velocity that they make an instant impact and this is only enhanced by the ferocity of the way they’re delivered. Production wise this is some top quality stuff, it’s got that gritty and raw edge that Nirvana have in their music mixed the unapologetic beats that propel the track forward into new territories that’s reminiscent of Kanye West’s unapologetic sound. This is highly impressive stuff and we cannot recommend diving into his entire discography enough!

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