They Hate Change – Stunt Cams


The opening line of They Hate Change’s latest raw, grimy and down right addictive single Stunt Cams pretty much explains what this dynamic duo are, “bedroom rap all stars.” The Tampa Bay based rappers have been around since 2017 but it looks like 2020 is the year they’ve hit their stride with them already releasing the slick lo-fi rap EP Manoeuvers as well as the stellar single Secret but their latest track is absolutely sublime. I’d go as far to say it’s their best single to date.

Stunt Cams sits somewhere between the new wave and the old school with the flow and lyricisms being reminiscent of Chance the Rapper whilst the looping drums of the production give off an nostalgic feel that has me thinking of Run DMC mixed with a bit of classic Outkast. It’s hard not to get into the heart thumpingly good rhythm that propels the track forward through the killer bass and the chaotic style the whole piece has. It’s a cacophony of madness in the best way possible, the new school is here and they’re ready to do some big things.

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