Teezo Touchdown – Careful


Two weeks ago Teezo Touchdown unleashed his debut single Strong Friends, an open invite into his sound which possesses a dynamic magnetism with the pop punk bite merged together with honest lyrical prowess that makes his distinct sound so addictive. It was a highly impressive debut that got us fully onboard with the journey he was about to take us on with his music, so it’s no real surprise that his followed up is pure fire in every way sense and form.

Careful builds on his sound further but this time with a more intimate setting with a spaced out beats taking up the majority of the production which puts all the attention on Teezo’s charismatic vocal performance that adds a layer of personality to his music unlike any other out there. However the highlight of this track is those lyrics, each word is pure poetry where the emotion of them hits you like the final blow in a prize winning fight. Teezo Touchdown is one to watch, he’s just got something that is so special.

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