Alley Coop – Frank Ocean Playing in Heaven

Special shout out to Before The Data for introducing us to Alley Coop because we’re seriously hooked to his sound. The 19 year old Oklahoma native produces some absolutely outstanding pieces of hip hop, be it the more laidback tracks like End of Summer or more hard-hitting numbers like I Hate Being Alone, he doesn’t put a foot wrong and creates some of the most well put together and tight music around right now.

His latest single Frank Ocean Playing in Heaven is the definition of pure poetry. The lyrics are utterly mesmerising, they paint a picture in your mind with each word adding a different stroke to the story until the very end where you’re left with a masterpiece. His vocal delivery is on point with his flow being utterly brilliant that makes the story come to life and with evocative production backing him up all of this only continues to get enhanced as the track goes on. Stellar stuff!

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