Baby Queen – Buzzkill

Not too long ago Baby Queen set the music world alight with her debut single Internet Religion, a track that showcased her piercingly sharp satirical lyrics with her sound taking the high-octane energy of pop before fusing it with a psychedelia synth twist and a grunge edge. There’s nothing quite like her around right now which made us incredibly excited when we saw she dropped a new track today titled Buzzkill which focuses on her trying to hide her depression through partying but failing in the end.

I wrote it during a time when I was severely depressed, just before I went on antidepressants, and I was partying a lot, but I was so incredibly unhappy,” Baby Queen explains. “I remember the exact moment the idea came to me. I was at an after-party in East London sitting at a table, and I began to cry. My friends looked at me and they were like ‘here we go again…’ and I was like ‘THIS! THIS is IT! I have to go.’ And I went straight home to start writing it.

The way her grungy guitar riffs, dynamic beats and killer pop hooks all come together is something highly impressive, it’s something you can sing a long to in the car with all your friends whilst simultaneously rocking out to it without a care in the world. The blunt honesty within her lyrics has adds another dynamic to the piece with it contrasting the high octane nature of the production reflecting the story this track is based on, all the fun is happening around you but you just feel numb. To put it simply, Baby Queen is a talent that’s going to set the world alight, no doubt about it.

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