SEB – Live and Die in LA

Little over a month ago SEB came out all guns a blazing with his debut single Boys Don’t Cry getting love from music publications across the globe but also from Spotify with the track being featured on multiple playlists. Obviously after all that he had a lot to prove with his follow up single but, luckily for all of us, he’s smashed it once again with his ode to every artist’s journey as they experience the City of Angels in Live and Die in LA.

The lyrics are an inner monologue of all the wonderful things you can experience as a new artist in LA but also a lot of the things you dislike about the city as well, which weirdly captures the aura that LA has for a lot of people. The somber production reflects the melancholy nature of the track with the electronics and guitar melding beautifully together as the mournful vocals of SEB float gracefully over it all. If you’re planning on moving to LA then give this track a listen to the journey you might soon find yourself on.

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