Anna Sofia – Either Way

Watching Anna Sofia progress as an artist has been a truly amazing experience, ever since she dropped her debut single Meaner Girl back in 2019 we’ve been avid supporters and today she’s starting a new chapter in her musical journey with the release of the beautifully sparse left leaning pop track Either Way. As expected this young Canadian artist doesn’t disappoint with this being one of my favourite tracks she’s released thus far.

Her celestial vocal is the focal point of the track with the delicate piano melody and scintillating synth flourishes only highlighting the angelic yet emotionally evocative tone of her voice further. You might find yourself reaching for the tissues as the song goes on with the poignantly written and passionately delivered lyrics carrying the emotional weight of a freight coming at you at full speed. That what makes her so special as an artist, she makes the lyrics come to life unlike anybody else.

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