Haich Ber Na – By Flora

The word innovative is thrown around a lot these days with any artist who has a song that is just slightly like a Billie Eilish track being praised for being so unique and fresh, it’s rarely genuine. However I can say with my hand on my heart that the musician and creative director Haich Ber Na is one of the most exciting and innovative musicians to come out of the UK’s music scene in recent years. His creative genuinely holds no bounds whether it be in his music or the art he surrounds the music with.

His latest single is titled By Floras which he says, “was written very naturally, narrating emotions of a friends relationship. I feel like I’m evolving, and sonically ‘By Floras’ shows the direction I’m taking towards the next project.”

The whole piece was written and produced in his Lewisham home and it’s a spellbinding affair. With lyrics exploring the relationship of a couple who were once close but are now strangers with an experimental production featuring slick electronic flourishes, scintillating synth melodies and a distorted yet punchy edge that allows the soulful and evocative vocals to simply soar throughout. Haich Ber Na is a musician unlike any other and the more he releases the more excited I get for his future projects.

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