Her Songs – Lost A Little

Back in 2018 the songwriting collective Her Songs, comprised of artists from around the globe such as Marie Dalhstrom (Denmark), Dani Murcia (USA/Colombia), The Naked Eye (France), Emily C. Browning (New Zealand) and Emmavie (UK), released their stirring debut EP Los Angeles. The predominant reason this collective was formed was to shine a light on female producers/artists and to celebrate female collaboration and they’ve certainly been doing that with them releasing a string of singles with their breathtaking signature slow-burning soul tinged R&B pop sound and today they might’ve just released their best song yet in Lost A Little.

“After finally reuniting together in Toronto, we felt so reflective on the entire year since the previous Her Songs retreat in LA and ‘Lost A Little’ turned into a summery, feel-good wanderlust tune about travelling the world just to meet up again,” noted Emily C Browning on the new single before The Naked Eye added, “‘Lost A Little’ was the 1st song written on day 1 of the Toronto week. Exploring themes of creativity and travel, the lyrics describe how we meet once a year, in a new city to create with new eyes and fresh perspectives.

A wave of nostalgia comes rushing over me the second the track started with the laidback melodies, lush harmonies and the warm-hearted production reminding me of Erykah Badu during her early years. It brims with the positivity and excitement the collective felt as they all travelled across the globe to meet in Toronto to record new songs together. It’s a classic summer bop that sends all our worries packing and transports us away to a land of pure bliss.

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