Isabella Lovestory – Golosa


After one listen I was completely hooked on Isabella Lovestory’s pop reggaeton sound, but her latest single Golosa is completely out of this world. The hooks instantly wriggle their way into your head and refuse to come out, I know that for a fact as I’ve been singing them for the past week, and then you’ve got the rhythmic melodies that gets your body moving in an instant. It definitely lands itself on the NSFW end of the spectrum but the raunchy sound adds so much flavour to the piece, the music video even keeps this up as she explains below:

“I wanted the video for ‘Golosa’ to encapsulate a carefree sexy world. Colorful lips, luscious environments, lollipop licking. In the video you see me seducing the world, walking with heels at the beach, walking into the ocean with the heels on, riding a bike with heels on. Rain with makeup on. Unpractical scenarios that make me look like an airhead always make me feel empowered and fantastical. I like to laugh at the world. Petting the cat in the makeup room is a personal popstar fantasy.”

Isabella Lovestory is living her popstar fantasy in this video and we’re happy to be apart of it. If you’re looking for something to play at your next party that will get the place moving then add this to your playlist ASAP.

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