AMAYA – Trust Issues

Trust Issues is AMAYA’s first step in her journey to unleashing her full potential and become the artist she’s always wanted to be, and it all it took was severe heartbreak to get there. Yep, as you can imagine with the title this track came about after she packed up her bags and moved from Slovenia to Sweden to be with her musical sweet heart but after several rough life events her engagement was cancelled with the sorrow and life lessons she learnt a long the way beings translated into this heartbreaking debut.

The major highlight of this track is AMAYA’s vocal, she has a soft whisper like tone that makes the emotion she delivers feel all that more real with the somber production only enhancing this further. With introspective lyrics analysing the fallout of her relationship this track serves as her own personal confessional with us feeling her remorse with every word she delivers. It’s heartbreak at its most vulnerable and is a tantalising debut from this new exciting artist.