Peyton – Don’t U Wanna Fly


Peyton possesses a voice that isn’t just liquid gold, it’s liquid platinum. The angelic tone offers a wistful nostalgia mixed with a dreamlike quality that makes you feel as if you’re floating on air, seriously one note and you’ll be up with the clouds. Her imagination holds no bounds as she artfully blends nostalgia with youthful bliss through a breezy production that captures the wonders of adolescence whilst highlighting her poetically poignant lyrics. All of this comes together in Don’t U Wanna Fly, a doe-eyed single about the wonder of childhood.

As we grow old we begin to lose the imagination and creativity we had when we were younger, turning everything into a game, creating worlds out of nothing and turning the mundane into surreal. She captures the curiosity and fearlessness of youth whilst wrapping it in a magical soundscape that hammers home the message that whilst we’ve grown older and our daily lives have become jam-packed with work, we should still make time to transport ourselves to Neverland. As Walt Disney once said, “Imagination has no age.”

“When we were young, we were so impressionable, amazed by the small joys in life, and eager to be creative and imaginative. As we get older, that feeling dims as we get distracted by our daily lives. ‘Don’t U Wanna Fly’ is a reminder to hold on to that feeling and remember it is still inside.”

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