WABANSIA – Coming of Age

If you’ve been reading this site for many a year then you’ll know how often I like to describe something as a song off of a coming of age movie soundtrack. Funnily enough, I don’t think I need to use that phrase with WABANSIA’s latest track because they’ve already done it for me with the title of it. Coming of Age is an adolescent anthem, complete with rebellious guitar melodies that encourage you to leap into the unknown, a booming percussion that reverberates through your body and a raw vocal communicating the freedom that youth can bring. Whilst most songs that aim for this narrative try to over complicate it through a barrage of contemplative lyrics trying to decipher the complexities of youth, WABANSIA know that simpler is better. They tell the story of someone growing up, realising life can sometimes be a joke and embracing that new philosophy for all it’s worth like they were a teenager all over again.

When you’re driving down the coast this summer, be sure to add blast this out of your speakers with the windows down and live as freely as they encourage you to. Lord knows that I’ll be doing it!

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