kmoe – gloves

At this point kmoe needs to be crowned the prince of the hyper pop genre because this 16 year old is always leaps and bounds ahead of his competition, he’s consistently leading the way by creating innovative soundscapes that give him that distinct and unique edge. He’s got unlimited promise with him writing, producing, mixing and mastering his music as well as consistently pushing his sonic identity to the extreme, allowing him to come up with creative solutions and innovative concepts that are so refreshing and utterly intoxicating. He’s got that midas touch, everything he touches sonically turns to gold.

With a chaotic rhythm reminiscent of the Y2K trend, futuristic beats and oddly calming melodic moments, gloves is the shining jewel in his songwriting crown. It’s an organised yet chaotic head on collision of expressive effervescent electronics, distorted vocals and a cacophony of melodies that you have to experience to fully understand its experimental glory. The whole piece radiates an unmistakable quirky charm that continues to cement as kmoe one of the most promising young artists around right now.

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