Sophia Anne Caruso – Toys

There are some voices in the world that unmistakably belong to someone and Sophia Anne Caruso has that voice. From the first note of any song she sings you can tell it’s her with the evocative emotion, captivating nature and celestial tones cascading throughout her music. We’ve been following her since she first appeared in the Lazarus musical and today she’s released her stirring debut solo single Toys encapsulates everything she is as a musician and as a performer.

A somber piano melody creates a high level of intimacy that makes it feel like Caruso is confessing her innermost thoughts and feelings to you in your living room. Poetically poignant lyricisms take you on a journey throughout the piece with her delicate vocal taking you by the hand and guiding you through the tender story where each word feels more real than the last, hitting you with unadulterated emotion like the final blow in a prize winning fight. A stellar debut that’s well worth checking out below.

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