“Little” delivers an unbridled sense of joy from Jany Green

Monday, September 28, 2020

Sometimes with music you just want to feel an unbridled sense of joy when you listening to it, whether it be through some happy-go-lucky melodies, jubilant lyrics or some irresistible beats it doesn’t matter, you just want to smile whilst you listen. I had that feeling today and was luckily enough to stumble upon a song that gave me that feeling from start to finish and that is Jany Green’s latest offering Little.

There’s a buoyancy to the rhythm that makes it easy to groove along with as well as a subtle brass section in the chorus, adding to that delightfully flavoured sonic texturing. Featuring a hook that will wriggle it’s way into the crevice of your skull that will require a bulldozer to get it out, carefree vocal melodies and light-hearted lyrics it’s hard not to fall head over heels for this track. No matter what you’re into, this song should easily put a smile on your face.

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