Tycho Jones – Tychonaut

Monday, July 4, 2022

Tycho Jones has been killing it in the scene ever since the release of his debut track back in 2019. Since then he’s been dropping music left, right and centre dealing with a plethora of different topics with them all coming from his own internal quandaries he’s faced during his younger years. He tackles these issues with a sense of brutal honesty and its that which makes his music so intriguing because you find someone as real and relatable as Tycho in the current market.

Today he’s unveiled his debut EP titled Tychonaut (a brilliant pun might I add) that puts all the evocative music he’s created and puts it all into one easily listenable place. It’s also no real surprise that the EP is quite outstanding to say the very least.

Whether it be the anxiety that comes with social media these days like Scrolling or the chronicles of the emotional pendulum he was on when he was 16 like Pseudo, Tycho doesn’t pull any punches from this EP. Each track hits you with the emotional weight of a bulldozer with the lyrics being as raw as they are relatable. Everyone will have experienced something Tycho has written about here, he offers a cathartic release from our own internal struggles.

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