Brijs – Stay Up, Stephanie

A few months ago Brijs stepped out from behind the scenes of composing music for countless award winning TV shows and into the spotlight with his debut single Glitra being an unapologetic ode to friendship that had us hooked on his sound in mere minutes. He continues to build momentum today with his explosive new single Stay Up, Stephanie, a track inspired his friend of the same name who became infamous for her early exits on group nights out together, with her once taking the only set of keys to an AirBNB with her, falling asleep and leaving all her friends out in the cold.

“This song is about that feeling of arriving at your favourite venue, with your favourite people in tow and having everyone invested in the night lasting for as long as possible. No one wants to be the first one to fall,” Brijs explains.

Like his previous release this track has an explosive sound with psych-pop guitars leading the production, an unrelenting percussion section driving the track forward, Morricone mandolin tremolos and passionate vocals delivering the highflying lyrics to a tee. If you’re into music that could soundtrack any teenage coming of age movie that Netflix releases then Brijs is going to be right up your street with his unapologetic sound and fiery production having us on hook, line and sinker.

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