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“Non” is an empowering anthem by Lizette Lizette that needs to be heard.


People often find solace and comfort in music, it’s one of the special things about it. This is why it is so important in the LGBTQ+ community that artists like Lizette Lizette come out and deliver stellar pieces of music that inspires them and become anthems for members of the community. Non is exactly that.

Non is the title track off of their upcoming album and its purpose is to shine a light upon to non-binary people within our society with Lizette defiantly saying, “You wanna call me a woman /  I am Non.” The production of the track is outstanding with it giving us flashbacks to 90’s house parties with addictive dance music that makes you want to Vogue. The highlight of the track however is the lyrics with them being empowering, honest and deliver a message that needs to be heard.

The Swedish/Peruvian even released a music video that features Lizette in a club setting with some of the hottest club acts in Sweden right now including Butcher Queen, Leffe Crumlove, Bög Danne and Mariam Venus as well as two Vogue dancers who’ll be accompanying them on tour. As Lizette said, “I gathered my queer family for this video, cause they are as important to me as the message of this song.”

Non is an empowering anthem by Lizette Lizette that needs to be heard.

Connect with Lizette Lizette: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


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