London has one of the most thriving and exciting music scenes for new artists in the world and when you see the likes of Lu.Re release spellbinding debuts it’s easy to see why. In Bethnal Green the track was written, produced and recorded by Lu.Re inside of her flat, apparently if you listen closely you might be able to hear the Overground trains passing by. Love it.

There’s an unmistakable charm with Rains and that mainly comes from its DIY style of production, there’s a haziness and shimmer to it that you rarely get from none self produced pieces of music. It’s definitely a throwback track with a 90’s inspired garage production, if you told us it was released in that era then we would’ve 100% believed you, with sweet broken rhythms added to the mix and the seductive yet laidback jazz vocal Lu.Re has that glides effortlessly over the production.

Debuts are incredibly important because it introduces you to the world as an artist and Rains is the perfect debut for Lu.Re. An irresistibly infectious track that is the start of something special for this artist.

“I started out improvising with a garage beat and some jazz piano chords, and built the rest up from there. I recorded all the instrumentals in my flat in East London. If you listened to the viola and backing vocals separately, you’d probably hear some Overground trains passing by. The lyrical idea came from my mum when I was at home for the weekend in Bedford. She was a bit teary-eyed and said something like, ‘it doesn’t rain in this house, it pours.’ It was one of those affecting moments that sticks, and it felt natural writing about it – I had most of the lyrics down in an afternoon.” – Lu.Re

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