A lot of the time you hear music that is all about the big moments, be it a powerful chorus, an ear worm of a melody, the millennial hook or a drop that gets people dancing. Vesper Wood proves in her track Descend that you don’t need any of that to make an almighty impact with a song.

Descend is an organic and atmospheric track that slowly builds throughout until it reaches the beautiful end that will probably leave you feeling teary eyed. Vesper Wood’s vocal is filled with sheer amounts of emotion that are amplified further by the ominous yet somehow enchanting minimalistic production that creates such an intimate atmosphere that it feels like you’re hearing this song live in your living room. It’s kind of hard not to find yourself falling head over heels for her sound.

You might find her voice familiar as well because she is apart of the electronic duo Kaleida, either that or you’ve heard her voice in the John Wick soundtrack and Atomic Blonde and CSI. Either way you’re lucky to have heard that hauntingly beautiful voice.

Descend is an intimate track by Vesper Wood that perfectly sets up her debut album Instar that looks like it is going to be a stunning debut from the newly defined solo artist. March 1st can’t come any sooner.

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