Over the years Sure Sure have released a plethora of tracks that have captivated and intrigued fans across the globe. Their warm sound that is perfect for summer mixed with melodies that get stuck in your head instantly and pumping rhythms gives their music a certain character that makes their sound simply addictive.

The LA based indie pop band recently released their first love song to date in the form of Warm Animal. The track invites you in with the soothing harmonies that feel like they belong in a 1960’s Beatles track and you’re soon welcomed by the warm production, alluring groove and jubilant vibe that just makes you want to smile.

Warm Animal by Sure Sure is the type of track that you can envision yourself playing outlaid when you’re down at the beach with your friends and not caring about anything in the world. Summer may be months away but these guys have us ready with our suncream in hand.

Catch them on tour with Young The Giant this May, you won’t regret it!

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