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Last year Emotional Oranges exploded onto the scene in absolute style with their debut, Motion, becoming one of the tracks of the year and their follow up, Personal, was just as good, if not better. The mysterious LA based duo have remained fairly anonymous with them preferring people to focus on the music rather than the people behind it, a beautiful logic to work with, Daft Punk would be proud!

Recently they released the lusciously smooth and tantalisingly good track Hold You Back and it’s everything we love about this duo and more. The track is filled with deep bass lines that feels like it belongs in a 50 Shade of Grey soundtrack, succulent male/female harmonies that send chills down our spines, a spacious and more laidback production, sultry vocals and melancholy lyrics to complete the masterclass of RnB music.

Then you’ve got the music video. They’ve already developed a name for themselves for creating visually stunning videos, we even made a list of all the movies that appear in the lyric video for Personal, there were a lot.  This music video however manages to tie in with the ones for their previous tracks, we’ll let them explain how, “The muse character was seducing her man in “Motion” just looking for something temporary, ended up taking it “Personal” and falling for him. After things didn’t work out, she got tired of dealing with the same drama and left him for a girl in “Hold You Back” which concludes the series.”

Hold You Back is a dreamy track that cements Emotional Oranges position as one of the most exciting acts to come out in a long time. Follow their journey because they will become something special.

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