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If you’re looking for some lusciously good electronic music then look no further than Butterjack, FKA Aiden Grimshaw. He announced himself back in 2017 with his debut Other Worlds, a deeply heated electronic track, and then returned in 2018 with Good Girls, a track that has been apart of our party playlist ever since. He’s been on supreme form with his music so it’s only right his latest track continues this trend.

Hot Sauce is a track that is, well, hot. It opens up with an ambient atmosphere as we’re introduced to the unmistakably ravishing vocals of Butterjack┬ábefore the track soon begins to build to the glorious drop in the chorus that gets your foot tapping and your head bopping along to the beat effortlessly. There’s a sense of summer to this track with the warm synth beats creating a unique dynamic with the vocal offerings of Butterjack, I can almost see myself relaxing in the sun with this playing in the background.

With melodic beats, a smooth vocal and a stirring production, it’s time to fall in love with Butterjack and his alluring electronic music.

Connect with Butterjack: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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