Pop music is going through an interesting time right now where people are producing lackluster pieces of music that just feel like noise, but on the other hand you’ve got outstanding pop tracks like Jordan Waller’s latest release that are simply sublime. He’s already proven to be a master pop song craftsman with the calming guitar lead Staying Up Late and the anthemic love song Let You Down and his latest track is no exception.

Moonlight is one of those songs that is perfect for those late night drives with the ethereal synths filling you with a sense of euphoria, almost as if you can feel the wind running through your hair as you drive down that highway. The lyrics capture the simple moments of love that fill you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Waller’s vocal dances majestically over the synths effortlessly before soaring high over them during the chorus that will have you flying high with them.

Moonlight is glorious pop music at its finest and Jordan Waller has captured that wonderful feeling of loving someone. Pop music doesn’t get better than this.

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