Alex Porat – Happy For You


Break ups suck but the addition of social media in the modern age has made it even harder for many people to move on because everything they do is now on your timeline and one little thing you see from them could cause you to realise that you’re not okay with this. That’s the subject matter of Toronto artist Alex Porat’s dreamy yet bittersweet single Happy For You, you’re gonna want to grab some tissues when listening to this.

“The theme of this song is a situation that I find comes up often,” Alex Porat explains. “When you go through a break-up, everything that person does online is now in your face and you want them to think you’re okay with them moving on when you’re not. For this track we wanted it to be super introspective and feel kind of dream-like since you’re not actually saying these lyrics out loud.”

With lyricisms that pull at your heartstrings this track does shine from an emotional standpoint with Porat’s having a crystalline vocal delivery that makes these lyrics hit you with wave of undaulterated emotion. “I miss your dog I bet he’s grown,” particularly hits me hard, damn dogs they get me every-time. All this is gently sung over a sombre synth beat and alluring guitar melody that comes together to show how great Porat is at creating beautiful yet heartfelt pieces of pop.

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