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PREMIERE: Líon Goodwin debuts the music video for his charming single “Beautiful Love”

BC cover art (smaller).jpg

A small thing here but I often find when people are born/raised in a small town they often come out with some incredible music. I don’t know what but it happens more often than you’d imagine and if you need proof of that just take a look at Springfield, Virginia born Líon Goodwin’s latest music video for his irresistibly smooth and charming single Beautiful Love.

There is something so wonderful about this single that, when combined with this loveable music video, just makes you want to smile. A lot of love songs are usually about breaking up or heartbreak, basically the bad stuff in a relationship, whilst Goodwin’s single is about how amazing his partner is. The production is on another level with an array of gorgeously crafted synths, Goodwin also has a certain flair to his vocal that really draws you into the song along with heartfelt lyrics that make this single feel like it belongs at the end of a romcom. Add in a lovely music video and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

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