Daine – Picking Flowers


I listen to new music every single day, I hear hundreds of new piece of music consistently each day and I can say in all honesty that I haven’t been left as speechless by a piece of music as I have by the Filipino-Australian Daine’s debut single Picking Flowers. The 17 year old had me on the edge of my seat with her debut, I was utterly enthralled by her sound and by the time the track had ended all I wanted to do was hit that repeat button over and over again.

“I was writing riffs in my bedroom trying to figure out what to do with myself amidst a breakup early 2019,” Daine explains. “‘Picking Flowers’ is like a haunting distant memory to me, but nostalgic and special in that it was one of the first songs that I ever recorded.”

A dark aura makes its presence known from the offset with her hauntingly beautiful style of her emo vocals and the brooding trap production melding into an ominously enchanting sonic texture. Merge that with her lyricisms about unrequited love in a more pessimistic view point that feels like you’re diving straight into her own personal thoughts as well as the cacophony of melancholy beauty that is this ending and you’ve got something that is utterly encapsulating from start to finish.

Daine is writing music to be the new soundtrack for a disillusioned generation navigating life in an unforgiving world and we are unbelievable excited by her music.

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